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Investment Property Tax Depreciation Tips

Investment Property Tax Depreciation Tips – Save Money

Claiming depreciation on your property is one of the most critical steps in an investor’s journey. And it’s the only deduction that can be subjective. All other expenses – such as interest, strata fees etc. must equal the amount you have precisely paid out. But, having an expert prepare, your tax depreciation report can enhance […]

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Property Genuinely Available For Rent

Rent expenses are deductible to the price that they are incurred for the purpose of producing rental income. Sometimes, rental expenses can be deductible for periods even when the property is not being rented out. However, this is only the case provided the property is genuinely available for rent. This means, the property is being […]

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Partnership In A Rental Property Business

Investment properties are generally that, a form of investment. Thus, it does not usually equate to being any kind of ‘business’ perse. However, there are exceptions, as with everything. According to the partnership agreement, if you are in a joint partnership over a rental property, you are in a business partnership. The agreement states, “You […]

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Low Priced Property, High Depreciation Ratio

 Did you know? Did you know that lower-priced property often has a higher depreciation ratio in relation to the purchase price? During one of my recent media interviews, a journalist asked me to explain my comments on this issue. Most of us know that higher-priced property tends to rent on a yield far less than […]

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Residential Property Investing And First Home Buyers

First home buyers seem to be a popular topic of discussion in Australia. They’re either getting a lot of government incentives and grants on the one hand. Or, they are finding it tough to get into the property market due to rising house prices on the other. Over the years, I’ve been invited to talk at […]

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Close up of female accountant or banker making diminishing value calculations

How To Calculate The Diminishing Value Calculation

Have you ever wondered how Washington Brown actually figures out the amount of deductions you will receive? Well, tax legislation sets down the way in which to calculate depreciation using the diminishing value method. Basically, you take the number 200 and divide it by the item’s effective life. For example, 10 years, and express that […]

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difderence between residential and commercial depreciation

Differences Between Commercial And Residential Property Depreciation

If you own your own business, are you currently leasing commercial space but considering buying your own premises? Or are you considering investing in your next property but can’t decide between a commercial or residential investment? Commercial property has fared far worse than residential property since Covid and beyond. The number of transactions has plummeted. […]

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How to be a property developer

Over the years, I have worked with all sorts of property developers and builders. From that, I have to say the smartest and the most successful ones are those who get their hands dirty. They do the work and they are smart. For me, good developers have foresight. They see potential in sites and suburbs well […]

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Holiday Home Tax Deductions

Holiday Home Tax Deductions – Complete Guide

Attention! If you have a holiday investment home, you will be interested in this. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has begun focusing on ‘holiday home’ investors to get you up to scratch on the current tax situation. Why the sudden shift in focus? This alteration in tactics is because of the ATO growing concerns with landlords and over-claiming […]

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Rental Expenses On Investment Properties

  Rental expenses- Did you know? You can claim a deduction for certain expenses you incurred during the period your property is rented or available for rent! Types of rental expenses include There are three types of rental expenses available to investment owners; Cannot claim deductions Can claim immediate deductions in the income year you […]

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