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Residential Property Investing And First Home Buyers

First home buyers seem to be a popular topic of discussion in Australia. They’re either getting a lot of government incentives and grants on the one hand. Or, they are finding it tough to get into the property market due to rising house prices on the other. Over the years, I’ve been invited to talk at […]

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Budget Depreciation Changes

The Budget Change and How it Affects our Rental Property

Dealing with your rental property post-budget change Before the budget change investors were entitled to claim plant and equipment and building allowance, so long as the property was built post-1987 and the property had settled within 10 years of getting the depreciation report, even if they had lived in the property prior, post or during […]

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Depreciation Budget Changes

The Budget Has Changed The Game

The Federal Budget released on the 9th of May 2017 has changed the game for property investors.  The Government has changed the game in the new budget by reducing depreciation deductions for residential properties. And it’s good news too if you ask me! In this webinar, you’ll  learn the 9 key takeaways from these changes […]

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Is Your Tenant Guilty of Illegal Property Subletting?

Short-stay accommodation platforms such as AirBnB can be hugely beneficial to landlords. A recent global study found that financially you’re much better off renting your property on Airbnb than in the traditional way with a permanent tenant. The 2017 Real Estate Return on Investment Index found a three-bedroom property in Sydney would take 80 […]

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Where to Buy Property in Queensland

Where to Buy in Queensland

What property areas will shine in the Sunshine State this year? WHEN it comes to property the past few years have been all about Sydney and Melbourne. Now it might finally be Queensland’s time to shine! The state’s capital saw price growth last year of around 4%. This was moderate compared to the 11%-plus its southern […]

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Melbourne Skyline and River

Property Growth Areas in Sydney and Melbourne

Are there still growth areas in Australia’s two major capitals, Sydney and Melbourne? If so, where can they be found?   Sydney and Melbourne were the star performers of the property market last year. Recording significant growth in dwelling values of more than 11%. In comparison many of the other capitals saw price declines, according […]

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City of Perth, Australia Skyline

Property Opportunities in Perth and Darwin

Are there opportunities to buy an investment property in Australia’s two down markets? Having both been hit by the downturn in the resources industry, the capital cities of Perth and Darwin have seen declines in their respective property markets. Both in terms of prices and rents, with vacancy rates also creeping up at times. According […]

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Where to buy Investment Property in Hobart, Darwin and Canberra

Where To Buy Property – Hobart, Adelaide and Canberra

Where are the opportunities to buy property in these sometimes-forgotten markets? Investors often focus on Australia’s big cities, overlooking the smaller capitals such as Hobart, Adelaide and Canberra to buy property. But some of the best opportunities could lie in these areas, if you know where to look. Experts are increasingly naming Hobart as the […]

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6 Reasons Why Negative Gearing Stinks

(UPDATE: – Read about the 2017 Budget changes to depreciation here). Dear Fellow Investors, I get it. I get what Bill Shorten and the Labor Party are trying to achieve by cutting negative gearing…but it stinks for 6 reasons. First, for those of you who might not know…Labor proposes to: Eliminate negative gearing to all […]

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Wooden House Keyring

Time for That Spring Renovation

Don’t Forget Depreciation on Your Spring Renovation I don’t know about you, but every time I see that sun coming towards spring– I start thinking “What can I fix up around the house… or who can I get to do it!” But before your excitement gets you too caught up in painting your cupboard a […]

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