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Housing Affordability & The Year In Review

Is housing affordability the biggest issue in Australia’s housing market as we near the end of 2021? WHAT an exciting year 2021 has been for property, with ups and downs and roundabouts. While the downs included some cities suffering – including Melbourne, with no in-person inspections allowed during a lengthy lockdown – mostly we have […]

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Hotel Pub Depreciation

How to Claim Depreciation on Hotel or Pub

Tax depreciation is one way a business can maximise its returns. Once utilised, it becomes a tool for success, but few know how to take advantage of it. In this pub and hotel depreciation guide, you’ll learn what you need to ensure you maximise Australian tax laws. What is a Pub or Hotel Depreciation Schedule? […]

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Investment Property Tax Depreciation Tips

Learn These Investment Property Tax Depreciation Tips

Claiming depreciation on your property is one of the most critical steps in an investor’s journey. And it’s the only deduction that can be subjective. All other expenses – such as interest, strata fees etc. must equal the amount you have precisely paid out. But, having an expert prepare your tax depreciation report can enhance […]

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Holiday Rental Tax Deductions

Boost Your Holiday Rental Deductions with These Amazing Tips

How to make the most of your Vacation Home Tax Deductions Vacation home  rentals have become a great way for beginners to get involved with investment property. Australia offers plenty of opportunities in this area. However, you also need to know about holiday rental tax deductions in Australia. In recent years, more novice investors have […]

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Off the plan rating system

A rating system for Off-The-Plan buyers

WE’VE ALL heard the horror stories about severe defects in apartment buildings in recent years, which have had disastrous consequences. Some of the most well-known examples in Sydney have been Mascot Towers and the Opal Tower. In both cases, residents were forced to evacuate after major structural defects were identified, with ongoing issues – and […]

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When Do I Sell My Investment Property?

One thing to remember with property investment is that your entry and exit costs are pretty high. You have to consider stamp duty, your advertising and marketing costs when you sell and the capital gains tax. Overall, you make your money in property when you’re buying. That is, if you buy right. If you think about the developers, they make […]

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Property Genuinely Available For Rent

Rent expenses are deductible to the price that they are incurred for the purpose of producing rental income. Sometimes, rental expenses can be deductible for periods even when the property is not being rented out. However, this is only the case provided the property is genuinely available for rent. This means, the property is being […]

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Partnership In A Rental Property Business

Investment properties are generally that, a form of investment. Thus, it does not usually equate to being any kind of ‘business’ perse. However, there are exceptions, as with everything. According to the partnership agreement, if you are in a joint partnership over a rental property, you are in a business partnership. The agreement states, “You […]

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