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Latest Articles

It’s time to vote….

What are the major parties offering on housing ahead of the Federal Election? WITH THE Federal Election on the weekend, the major parties have announced their housing policies. We know that negative gearing, a massive issue in the last election, will remain untouched, with both parties agreeing to keep the status quo, but what action […]

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proptech tools

Proptech tools – 9 movers & shakers to keep an eye on.

Proptech, or property technology, is increasingly important in the real estate sector, despite a slow start. It refers to the use of technology, including software and services, to allow people to engage with businesses, customers, and real estate professionals digitally. It also improves how we buy, rent, sell, design, construct and manage residential and commercial […]

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investing in serviced apartments

Investing in Serviced Apartments: What You Need to Know

Every property investment carries a risk. In the case of speciality properties, the property investment basics won’t cut it. These are the pros and cons of investing in serviced apartments. If you’re a regular traveller, you may have stayed in a serviced apartment before. They occupy a strange middle ground between hotel and holiday home. […]

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Construction Cost Increase – Builders Battling Price Hikes

THE BUILDING industry has been battling with the issue of rising costs for materials, labour and shipping for the past few years. The situation has put many businesses in financial peril is often referred to as a ‘perfect storm’ created by severe supply shortages coupled with strong demand. CoreLogic’s latest Cordell Construction Cost Index (CCCI) […]

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Hotel Pub Depreciation

Hotel Pub Depreciation Schedules – A Complete Guide

Tax depreciation is one way a business can maximise its returns. Once utilised, it becomes a tool for success, but few know how to take advantage of it. In this pub and hotel depreciation guide, you’ll learn what you need to ensure you maximise Australian tax laws. What is a Pub or Hotel Depreciation Schedule? […]

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Investment Property Tax Depreciation Tips

Investment Property Tax Depreciation Tips – Save Money

Claiming depreciation on your property is one of the most critical steps in an investor’s journey. And it’s the only deduction that can be subjective. All other expenses – such as interest, strata fees etc. must equal the amount you have precisely paid out. But, having an expert prepare, your tax depreciation report can enhance […]

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Off the plan rating system

A rating system for Off-The-Plan buyers

WE’VE ALL heard the horror stories about severe defects in apartment buildings in recent years, which have had disastrous consequences. Some of the most well-known examples in Sydney have been Mascot Towers and the Opal Tower. In both cases, residents were forced to evacuate after major structural defects were identified, with ongoing issues – and […]

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Property Genuinely Available For Rent

Rent expenses are deductible to the price that they are incurred for the purpose of producing rental income. Sometimes, rental expenses can be deductible for periods even when the property is not being rented out. However, this is only the case provided the property is genuinely available for rent. This means, the property is being […]

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