Commercial Property Depreciation Articles:

Depreciation Schedule Costs

Gaining The Benefits Of Depreciation First Hand

After more than 20 years in Sydney’s North Shore, Washington Brown decided it was time for the head office to move to the big smoke. So we bought office space in one of the busiest streets in the Central Business District (CBD). The place was ugly. It was rundown and in desperate need of some […]

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Commercial and Residential Property

So how does commercial property really stack up against residential in relation to depreciation? While we have covered the differences between the two, there are also some similarities. For example, the higher the quality of the commercial property the higher the depreciation. And the taller the building in commercial property, the higher the depreciation allowance. […]

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Commercial Space Deductions

Make Sure You Claim All Depreciation on Your Commercial Real Estate If you’re thinking about buying commercial real estate in Melbourne, you need to prepare yourself. Many people fail to claim the commercial tax deductions in Australia that are due to them. This results in thousands of lost dollars. You can claim for all sorts […]

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What Depreciation Rate can I claim on my Property?

Property Depreciation Rates – Timelines to Consider for Residential and Commercial Properties Property investors ought to know that when it comes to claiming building allowance, there is a maximum amount to go for which is the full 4%. Building allowances, which are deductions that allow you to claim your investment property’s construction expenses against your […]

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Commercial Property Depreciation

Can you Claim Depreciation on Commercial Property?

Hi. I’m Tyron Hyde from Washington Brown. When I first bought this property in the city two years ago, it looked like this. It was ugly, run-down, and in desperate need of some TLC. But the location, the heart of the city, is perfect. So I got a designer to create a new floor plan […]

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How to Claim a 4% Building Allowance on Your Investment Property and Get Away With It!

4% Building Allowance Investment property THE BUILDING ALLOWANCE (sometimes referred to as the Capital Works Deduction) is a deduction that enables property investors to offset the hard construction costs of their investment property against their assessable income. Hard construction costs may include items such as concrete, brickwork, common property items that are not plant and […]

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