View a Depreciation Report Sample

Below is a selection of depreciation report examples showcasing the fully-comprehensive, ATO-Compliant Tax Depreciation documents that we prepare for our clients.

These samples show the award-winning, easy-to-use format and level of detail that feature in every single Washington Brown Tax Depreciation Report. Simply click on any of the below report types to download that sample report in PDF format.

New Apartment

Residential Property (Built After 1987)

Residential Property (Built Before 1987)

Commercial Property

Included with a depreciation report sample should be the following:

  1. The methodology of how the depreciation report example was created.
  2. Two methods of claim in your depreciation report example – The prime cost method and the diminishing value method.
  3. A year by year summary of how much you can claim should be shown in your depreciation report sample.
  4. The year of construction and settlement date should be shown in your sample report.
  5. If the property is brand new – you should be able to see how much you can claim on the plant and equipment in your depreciation report sample.
  6. You should be able to see how much you can claim over a 40 year period.
  7. The amont you can claim should be broken down to represent the financial year end. 
  8. The report should comply with the Australian Taxation Office and the quantity surveying firm shouild be a member of the Tax Practitioners Board.

How much can I save on my depreciation report?

The best way to work out how much you can claim on a depreciation report is use the Property Depreciation Calculator.

The depreciation calculator is free and it will provide you with a quick estimate of how much you will be able to save if you decide to turn your depreciation sample into a report you can use with the ATO.

How much does a depreciation report cost?

Depreciation reports vary depending of the type of report you need. Some of the factors include the location, size, type of property and most importantly, whether the property needs to be inspection.

Simple get a free quote here – Depreciation Report Quote.