Property Tax Deductions Articles:

Property Genuinely Available For Rent

Rent expenses are deductible to the price that they are incurred for the purpose of producing rental income. Sometimes, rental expenses can be deductible for periods even when the property is not being rented out. However, this is only the case provided the property is genuinely available for rent. This means, the property is being […]

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Three Most Commonly Missed Items Property Investors Can Claim

Claiming depreciation on residential property is one of the most important steps in an investor’s journey. But those new to property investing often overlook some important key items of depreciation. The three most commonly missed items property investors can claim are: • Design and professional fees • Council costs • Builder’s profit Most people know […]

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Close up of female accountant or banker making diminishing value calculations

How To Calculate The Diminishing Value Calculation

Have you ever wondered how Washington Brown actually figures out the amount of deductions you will receive? Well, tax legislation sets down the way in which to calculate depreciation using the diminishing value method. Basically, you take the number 200 and divide it by the item’s effective life. For example, 10 years, and express that […]

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Holiday Home Tax Deductions

Holiday Home Tax Deductions – Complete Guide

Attention! If you have a holiday investment home, you will be interested in this. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has begun focusing on ‘holiday home’ investors to get you up to scratch on the current tax situation. Why the sudden shift in focus? This alteration in tactics is because of the ATO growing concerns with landlords and over-claiming […]

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Rental Expenses On Investment Properties

  Rental expenses- Did you know? You can claim a deduction for certain expenses you incurred during the period your property is rented or available for rent! Types of rental expenses include There are three types of rental expenses available to investment owners; Cannot claim deductions Can claim immediate deductions in the income year you […]

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Beat the End of Financial Year Rush

Simple Tricks For Beating The End of Financial Year Rush Every one exchanges and settles a property on different days throughout the year. However, the end of the financial year only occurs once. As does the end of year rush! Your report should calculate exactly how much money you can claim for building allowance depreciation, […]

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How to Claim Low-Value Pooling

Immediately Write Off $300 and Low-Value Pooling (NOTE: Deductions for these plant and equipment items may only apply if you bought the property prior to May 9, 2017 – Read about the Budget changes here). Depreciation deductions are pro-rated depending on when you take ownership of a property. However, like with everything, there are exceptions […]

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Diminishing Value vs. Prime Cost Method

What’s the difference between the Diminishing Value method and the Prime Cost method of depreciation? So, you’ve received your tax depreciation schedule – now you have a choice to make. Should you choose to claim the Diminishing Value method or the Prime Cost method? Both methods are based upon the effective life of the asset […]

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Depreciation Facts

Providing Required Information

Below is a list of the types of additional required information we may require to produce your comprehensive, ATO compliant Depreciation Schedule. Whilst you do not need this information at the time of accepting the quotation, you’ll need to supply this to us before we can commence work on your report. If you are unsure of any aspect […]

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What can I Claim as an Immediate Deduction?

It’s tax time and I thought I’d provide a list of some things that may help you save some money. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know by now that some things, name depreciation, cannot be claimed as an immediate deduction, however, there are some that can be. So what are these expenses that […]

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