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How to be a property developer

Over the years, I have worked with all sorts of property developers and builders. From that, I have to say the smartest and the most successful ones are those who get their hands dirty. They do the work and they are smart. For me, good developers have foresight. They see potential in sites and suburbs well […]

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Since our beginning, well over 40 years ago now, Washington Brown has always placed as much importance on achieving the maximum ATO-Compliant deductions for our clients as we have on ensuring the highest levels of Customer Service and Satisfaction. With these aspects being at the core of the business’ values, we are understandably both proud […]

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Depreciation Schedule Costs

Depreciation Schedule Cost

How Much Does a Depreciation Schedule Cost? Typically, you could expect to pay between $385-$770 for a depreciation schedule. The fee you’ll pay will vary based on the property type, location and complexity. $500-600 is a fairly standard price for an established, residential home. In these circumstances, the properties aren’t brand new. This usually means […]

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Holiday Home Depreciation

Depreciation on Holiday Homes & AirBnb

Go on holidays and claim depreciation! The ATO has recently announced a crackdown on property investors over-claiming deductions on holiday homes, this includes depreciation. If you’ve been on holidays, it’s very easy to get caught up in the romance of owning your own holiday home. Purchase price, stamp duty and mortgages offset by the rental […]

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How to Stay Under the ATO’s Radar…

Learn how to stay under the ATO’s radar by watching this video A depreciation schedule on your investment property can generate significant tax savings – as long as it has been complied correctly. In my experience there are three areas the ATO tends to target come tax time.One of them is whether you’ve claimed repairs […]

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Capital Works

A Good Look at the Services of Quantity Surveyors

What can a quantity surveyor in Australia do for you? Are you wondering about the kind of work done by so called quantity surveyors and what they could actually do for you? Unlike most other professions out there, people are often unclear about what a quantity surveyor does. You might even dismiss the job as […]

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You need to use an Experienced Quantity Surveyor

I’ve already touched on this, but let’s put this issue in perspective. You have just paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a property. Do you really want to save a couple of hundred tax-deductible dollars on the only tax break available to you that can be open to interpretation and skill? The laws have […]

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Don’t DIY Depreciation Schedules

DIY Depreciation Schedules As an expert in the market I am baffled by the number of companies offering do-it-yourself depreciation schedules. Not only are there some potential legal issues but, more importantly, you will be missing out on deductions. The DIY option generally gives you a tick sheet and asks you to take your own […]

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Wallabies Win affects Overseas Investment

After an early wake up on Sunday to watch the Wallabies have a brilliant victory over our old nemesis, England (commiserations guys) I was drinking my 3rd coffee of the morning and in a euphoric haze I starting to wonder to myself, how many teams are playing in this tournament? It turns out there are […]

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Depreciation Overseas property

Overseas Property Depreciation

Fancy a villa in Tuscany, what about a Condo in LA or Loft apartment in New York? I do! But can I claim depreciation on this property… The short answer is yes!  The main difference, however, is in regards to claiming the building allowance – that’s the wear and tear on structural elements of the […]

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