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5 Things Santa Can Help You Claim!!

I wanted to spread some Christmas Cheer and mention the 5 little-known things you CAN claim on if you’ve purchased a property built after 1987. This season is about giving and I hope the below gives you some further insight on how to maximise your Tax Depreciation deductions. 1. A Capital Idea Many investors do […]

What is a Depreciation Schedule?

Property depreciation is a legal tax deduction related to the ‘wear and tear’ of an investment property over time. A tax depreciation schedule outlines the deductions you may be entitled to claim each year of ownership on the Building Allowance (the structure itself including bricks, concrete, etc.) and, if eligible, on the Plant and Equipment […]

The Budget Has Changed The Game

The Federal Budget released on the 9th of May 2017 has changed the game for property investors.  The Government has changed the game in the new budget by reducing depreciation deductions for residential properties. And it’s good news too if you ask me! In this webinar, you’ll  learn the 9 key takeaways from these changes […]

Depreciation on Holiday Homes

Go on holidays and claim depreciation! The ATO has recently announced a crackdown on property investors over-claiming deductions on holiday homes, this includes depreciation. If you’ve been on holidays, it’s very easy to get caught up in the romance of owning your own holiday home. Purchase price, stamp duty and mortgages offset by the rental […]

The Rear View from Your Investment Property Mag

I was recently asked 5 questions from Your Investment Property Magazine….this was my response: You run marathons all over the world and still run a solid business, how do you do it? Not sure how I do the marathons…42 Km’s is a long haul! But in terms of juggling the training and the work it […]

How to Stay Under the ATO’s Radar…

Learn how to stay under the ATO’s radar by watching this video A depreciation schedule on your investment property can generate significant tax savings – as long as it has been complied correctly. In my experience there are three areas the ATO tends to target come tax time. One of them is whether you’ve claimed […]

Using a Construction Cost Estimator

Whether you’re building a block of residential units, a commercial or business centre, a high-rise tower or developing a subdivision, it is a must that you are in control of the project cost. We all know that effective cost management is critical to a project’s success. Washington Brown has extensive experience in all major sectors […]

Who is Liable for Depreciation?

So, who is liable for depreciation? We were recently asked by a client “Do you take responsibility for your reports?” and I wanted to share our response regarding who is actually liable for depreciation once the reports have been sent out to the clients. To prepare a Tax Depreciation Report, we require clients to supply […]

The ATO is Wrong & we are going to Prove It!

< Why the ATO is wrong The other night in bed….I was reading an article on the ATO Website (yes I’m a bit weird), titled “Where do you get the construction cost information?”. I was a little shocked when I read the last paragraph that stated “Note: Remember to obtain your construction costs report as […]

You need to use an Experienced Quantity Surveyor

I’ve already touched on this, but let’s put this issue in perspective. You have just paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a property. Do you really want to save a couple of hundred tax-deductible dollars on the only tax break available to you that can be open to interpretation and skill? The laws have […]