Where does Washington Brown Quantity Surveyors prepare depreciation reports?

Our team of building quantity surveyors provide reports throughout Melbourne and all of Victoria.

From Geelong to the Mornington Peninsula, we have you covered.

However, due to the Budget 2017 depreciation changes for rental properties, not all investment properties require a depreciation inspection.

Are you qualified to prepare reports like this, and why can’t my accountant do it?

Tax Ruling TR 97/25 identified Quantity Surveyors as the appropriate professionals to estimate construction costs when the cost is unknown.

Your accountant, real estate agent or property manager cannot legally estimate these costs.

Washington Brown is a member firm of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and registered with the Tax Practitioners Board.

What type of properties do you specialise in preparing depreciation schedules?

Melbourne Quantity Surveyor Report Sample

Over the last 40 years, Washington Brown Building Quantity Surveyors Melbourne has prepared over 225,000 Melbourne Depreciation Schedules on all types of properties throughout Victoria.

Approximately 80% would be residential, while commercial reports range from offices, warehouses, shops and everything in between.

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How much does a Quantity Surveyor report cost?

Prices vary, and some of the factors that determine the price are as follows:

  1. Whether the property needs an inspection is the critical factor since the depreciation law changes. Some companies continue to suggest that all investments need to be inspected. That is in their interest – not yours. Let Washington Brown building quantity prepare a plan for your property. If we determine that your property does need an inspection, then the location can play a role in the pricing.
  2. The type of property also influences the pricing of a depreciation report. Preparing a depreciation schedule on a large office block will be more expensive than a one-bedroom apartment in the city.
  3. The information you provide can influence the pricing. If you have all your renovation costs, for instance, neatly prepared in an Excel spreadsheet, compared to a shoebox of invoices, this will reduce the fee.

How much would I be saving if I engaged Washington Brown Melbourne Quantity Surveyors to prepare my depreciation report?

The best way to calculate how much you would save would be to use the rental property depreciation calculator to work out your savings. Our calculator works for houses, apartments and commercial properties.

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Why should I choose Washington Brown Quantity Surveyors to prepare my depreciation report?

To speak with one of our property experts about your QS Melbourne needs, please call us on 1300 990 612

Get a quote for a depreciation here – Melbourne Tax Depreciation Quote.

Or use our investment property depreciation calculator to work out your potential savings.

Washinton Brown has over 40 years experience as a Quantity Surveying firm.

Washington Brown now only specialises in Depreciation Schedules, we no longer have project managers or contracts administrators, we just focus on depreciation for construction projects.

We recommend you contact the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors if yuo require traditional cost estimates or a construction estimator.