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Tax Depreciation Schedule Rental Property

Tax Depreciation Schedule Rental Property

Tax Depreciation Schedule Rental Property

Washington Brown Tax Depreciation Schedule Rental Property

A tax depreciation schedule is a report that outlines the depreciation allowances that a property investor is entitled to. Come tax time, you simply present your depreciation schedule to the tax accounting completing your return. At Washington Brown Quantity Surveyors, our specialty is providing you with a comprehensive depreciation schedule to enhance your property investment experience.

7 Reasons why you should use Washington Brown Quantity Surveyors…

  1. We have offices all around Australia and our quantity surveyors undertake to carry out your property inspection within 2 weeks of the appointment being booked.
  2. As appointees to the quantity surveyors panel of major banks such as the Commonwealth, ANZ, and St. George, we have access to real historical construction cost and planning data that only panel members can utilise. This ensures you receive the most precise depreciation schedule possible.
  3. We possess a unique combination of skills which goes far beyond the preparation of a depreciation schedule. We combine accounting experience, construction industry knowledge, and a detailed understanding of property related tax law. It’s this winning combination that maximises your tax allowances.
  4. We are registered with the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (unlike some quantity surveyors), so we’re authorised to prepare a depreciation schedule for property investors. You can be assured your schedule will be compiled by experienced, reputable quantity surveyors. To find out if your QS firm is a member of the Institute, do a search for it at The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) website.
  5. We make claiming your depreciation allowance very straightforward. Simply contact us to arrange for our quantity surveyors to inspect your property, and from that point on you’ll enjoy absolute peace of mind – secure in the knowledge that your depreciation schedule is in expert hands. The only other thing left to do is to hand the schedule to your accountant at tax time.
  6. Having been quantity surveying industry leaders for over 30 years, we boast an extensive client list, including Meriton, Australand, and Walker Corporation. This client list is a testament to our expertise as quantity surveyors and our ability to provide real tax savings.
  7. We’re so confident our quantity surveyors can maximise your tax deductions, that we guarantee in the first 12 months you’ll save at least twice your fee – or your report will be free. So you have nothing to lose and plenty of tax deductions to gain.

Who can benefit by using Washington Brown Quantity Surveyors?

Historical data indicates that over 98% of investment properties can be depreciated. This means that virtually every property investor can benefit from our quantity surveying and depreciation schedule services.

Whether you’re a publicly listed major developer or a smaller-scale residential investor, our focus is equally intense and our aim crystal clear: to ensure you’ll obtain every last cent of depreciation allowance that you’re legally entitled to. And that means more money in your pocket.

If you need a quote a Tax Depreciation Schedule on your rental property – Click Here or use our free depreciation calculator to estimate your savings.