New Property Depreciation Articles:

Depreciation Facts

7 Crazy Depreciation Facts

In 2017, the Australian Government significantly changed how depreciation can be claimed on second-hand property. And if you ask me, the new legislation is sloppy, at best! You can no longer claim depreciation on “previously used” residential assets such as carpet, ovens, dishwashers, etc. You can learn more about the changes to the depreciation law […]

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New Old property depreciation

How the new depreciation laws affect depreciation on old property

There is a common misconception in the property market that you cannot claim depreciation on old properties. This is wrong, and I can prove it! The origin of this myth centres on the fact that you cannot claim building depreciation on residential properties where the construction commencement date is before 1987. This is a true […]

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Tips & Tricks of the Depreciation Trade

9 Ways to Cut Tax Bills Through Depreciation Firstly, what is property depreciation? Well, just like you claim the wear and tear of your car against your taxable income or the wear and tear of the desk in your office, you can claim the wear and tear of your property against your taxable income. But […]

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Information for New Build Properties

If you’ve engaged a builder, bought a house and land package, or constructed a brand new home yourself, then there is some great news!   The 2017 Budget changes to depreciation don’t affect you (provided you never lived in the house yourself); and,   We can generally complete your report at a lower fee, as […]

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Depreciation: New vs. Old Property

Some people prefer to invest in brand-new properties while others opt for older properties that they can renovate and resell for profit. So, which is the better investment strategy? New vs old property? Depreciating New Properties / Houses Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of buying brand-new properties and almost-new […]

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What is Negative Gearing Investment Property?

What is Negative Gearing Investment Property? Put simply, negative gearing is a tax benefit offered to investors on their borrowing costs. If your borrowing costs exceed the revenue gained from your investment, you are entitled to claim those losses against your total income. The benefit of gearing is that it allows you to own investments […]

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