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How the depreciation changes affect buying brand new property versus second hand property.

The recent depreciation changes have the greatest impact on the types of property you may choose to invest in. Some people prefer to invest in brand-new properties, while others opt for older property that they can renovate and resell for profit. So, which is the better investment strategy? Let’s look at this in actual finite […]

How the new depreciation laws affect depreciation on old property

There is a common misconception in the property market that you cannot claim depreciation on old properties. This is wrong, and I can prove it! The origin of this myth centres on the fact that you cannot claim building depreciation on residential properties where the construction commencement date is before 1987. This is a true […]

Get the Most Out of Your Brand New Property With Depreciation

New Property Depreciation How can brand new property help investors with their cash flow? (UPDATE – Since the 2017 Federal Budget, brand new property has become even more attractive in tax depreciation terms, as it is exempt from the changes – Read about the Budget changes here). Buying new property will help investor cash flow due […]