Property Depreciation Schedules - The New reality

Tip #55 – Property Value Pack

At Washington Brown, we believe good customer service is all about adding value. That’s why our Tax Depreciation Reports now come with an exclusive $985 Property Education Value Pack – for Free.

Don’t worry – our fees haven’t gone up!

But from now on – as an added bonus – when you order a report from us you’ll receive these added extras – for no extra cost:

  1. Access to Australia’s Top 50 Suburb Performance Reports, valued at $891. Report data supplied by our exclusive partnership arrangement with Real Estate Investar.
  2. A 6-month investment magazine subscription valued at $59.
  3. A copy of CLAIM IT!, Australia’s first property investment guide to depreciation, valued at $35, and a very good read if I say so myself! (N.B. I’m the author)

We’ll also guarantee to save you twice our fee in deductions in the first year, or your Depreciation Report will be free. Now that’s value!

To find out how much tax you could save with a Depreciation Report, visit our website and use our free online tax calculator.