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Tip #64 – 9 Property Investing Tips

Have you ever thought about writing something down that you can hand to your kids that will help them in their property investment journey? I have.

I wish I knew at age 25 what I know now at age 45.

So I finally got around to writing that article, but you know what? It’s not a family secret and it’s worth sharing.

For me, successful property investing boils down to 9 key rules or golden nuggets, as I like to call them.

  1. Rule Number 1 – Pay the right price
  2. Rule Number 2 – Consider infrastructure and transport
  3. Rule Number 3 – Can you add value to the property
  4. Rule Number 4 – Do the opposite of everyone else
  5. Rule Number 5 – Follow the leader
  6. Rule Number 6 – Have a strategy
  7. Rule Number 7 – Do the numbers
  8. Rule Number 8 – Don’t believe the hype!
  9. Rule Number 9 – Buy the land for free

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