Property Depreciation Schedules - The New reality

Tip #33 – RP Data Integrate Depreciation Calculator

When we launched our property depreciation calculator approximately 5 years ago…we were pretty excited.

I’m glad to say RP Data also seem pretty excited about it too and have integrated the calculator into their system.

The new calculator lets users enter a proposed purchase price and a few key attributes and the Washington Brown calculator will then generate a basic depreciation schedule so you can get a feel for the tax benefit the property offers. You can also print a basic report.

This will help real estate agents engage with investors as part of sale negotiations.

And help property investors decide if a property is the right purchase for them with an adequate tax depreciation that matches their property investment goals.

This is the first Calculator to draw on real properties to determine an accurate estimate. It allows you to figure out the likely tax depreciation deduction on your next investment property.

By factoring this amount into your decision-making, the Tax Depreciation Calculator provides the “missing link” in the property investment equation.