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I’ve written a Book on Depreciation – and you can have it for FREE!

Book on Depreciation

Free Property Depreciation eBook

I’ve written a book on depreciation, called Claim It! However, this goal didn’t just happen over night…

Like everything in life, there was a windy path that lead me in to depreciation and then into writing my own book!

My goal since I was 23 has always been to educate property investors about the power of property depreciation. Bit weird I know.

I used to be a Junior lawns bowls champ (when I was playing in 1984 – there were 6 players under 18 playing – so it wasn’t too hard!) Depreciation Quote Schedule

Then at 15 I thought I had a career as first grade footballer…but as I went through puberty I realised my legs were too skinny!

So then at 23 I discovered property depreciation – and I wrote a thesis on the topic in 1993…

Last year I wrote my book CLAIM IT! – and it’s the proudest thing I’ve done in my work career.

That’s a hard copy book… and in this modern world of iPads not everyone wants a hard copy.

So this month I launched a FREE eBook that gives you some of the key chapters for free, including my personal investment story and strategy.

Get it for free now – at

I hope you enjoy it.

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