Property Depreciation Schedules - The New reality

What to give your Accountant

If you provided us with your accountant’s details at any point during your job, then they should have everything they need to submit your claim!

If you didn’t, however, it won’t take long to supply them with the right documents.

There are four main files they may need:

  1. Excel file: shows the detailed calculations of both Plant and Equipment values and Building Allowance totals. Includes a yearly breakdown of each asset’s claimable amount.
    Excel depreciation schedule
  2. HTML file: shows the name, cost, effective life and depreciation rate of both Plant and Equipment and Building Allowance.
    HTML file depreciation schedule
  3. PDF Report: includes all the above information in an easy to read format. Provides tables clearly showing the yearly available claims, and a graph to compare methods of depreciation.
    PDF File Depreciation schedule
  4. PDF Invoice: don’t forget to send them the invoice for our services, it’s 100% tax deductible too! Invoice file depreciation schedule

All of these files are available for download in the ‘Past Reports’ section of your WBme account.

The file types different accountants need varies, so if you supply each of the above, it should cover all bases.

On request, a 5th file type is available. Only some accountants require this and they will generally ask you for it or contact us to prepare it for them.

  1. CSV files: formats the calculations in a way that can be entered into accounting systems, such as HandiTax, without hassle.
    CSV files depreciation schedule

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