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Will the Sydney Property Market Crash?

I can think of many reasons why the Sydney property market is set for a major correction and I can think of many reasons why it won’t. I guarantee you I could find five experts to argue that the Sydney property market won’t crash, and I could find five experts to reason why it will. […]

Property Investor Buys James Packer’s Property

So, I’ve just heard the news that James Packer sold his multi-million dollar home, and a property investor buys it! Forgive my bit of journalistic license here as I’m not sure if Dr Chau Chak Wing has purchased the property as an investment, but he is a property investor and developer.  Now, based on the […]

Investment Property Depreciation Tips

How to save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year on your investment property taxes with these 7 Property Depreciation Tips! Depreciation can still be a bit of a mystery to even the most experienced of property investors. To novice property investors it most certainly always is. To simplify depreciation, basically, it allows you to claim the […]

Follow the Golden Rules of Property Investment

Have you ever thought about writing something down that you can hand to your kids that will help them in their property investment journey? I have. I wish I knew at age 25 what I do now at age 45. So I finally got around to writing that article, but you know what – it’s […]

Top 20 Property Investment Criteria

Buyers’ agents are constantly asked “where is a good place to invest” and “what type of property do you recommended I buy to maximise my returns?” As a property investor you need to take a step back and ask a more fundamental question…“what do I want this investment property to do for me?” Taking a […]

What Drives You To Succeed?

 “What drives you to succeed?”, was a question I was recently asked at a seminar. It’s an interesting concept to ponder. Thinking back, I think I was motivated to succeed from an early age. I saw my father work hard all his life to support 5 kids and then lose all his superannuation in the […]