Property Depreciation Schedules - The New reality

8 Tips To Maximise Your Tax Return

It’s hard to believe, but we’re approaching that time of the year again – tax time! As the end of the financial year draws closer, you’ll likely start thinking about that big fat tax refund and what you can do with it. But first you need to make sure you maximise your cheque. To help […]

Tax Time: What You Can Claim

Tax time is creeping up on us! So I thought I’d provide a simple list of some things that you can claim on. And that will help you save some money. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know by now that some things cannot be claimed as an immediate deduction. However, there are some […]

Beat the End of Financial Year Rush

Simple Tricks For Beating The End of Financial Year Rush Every one exchanges and settles a property on different days throughout the year. However, the end of the financial year only occurs once. As does the end of year rush! Your report should calculate exactly how much money you can claim for building allowance depreciation, […]

How to Claim Low-Value Pooling

Immediately Write Off $300 and Low-Value Pooling (NOTE: Deductions for these plant and equipment items may only apply if you bought the property prior to May 9, 2017 – Read about the Budget changes here). Depreciation deductions are pro-rated depending on when you take ownership of a property. However, like with everything, there are exceptions […]

6 Reasons Why Negative Gearing Stinks

(UPDATE: – Read about the 2017 Budget changes to depreciation here). Dear Fellow Investors, I get it. I get what Bill Shorten and the Labor Party are trying to achieve by cutting negative gearing…but it stinks for 6 reasons. First, for those of you who might not know…Labor proposes to: Eliminate negative gearing to all […]

We Help Property Investors Achieve Their Dreams

We help property investors achieve their dreams Over the last couple of years I’ve become a bit of a seminar “junkie”. It used to always be property seminars but the last couple of years it been more business seminars. After 20 years in business, every now and again I need a kick up the bum! […]

How Does Investment Property Depreciation Really Work?

Ever wondered how does investment property depreciation really work? Just like you can claim the wear and tear on your car, you can claim depreciation for your property investment. It has to be an income producing property. Bare in mind, depreciation law varies from country to country in relation to depreciation. We’re pretty lucky here in […]

Are You a Complete and Utter Property Flip?

When flipping property – what are the tax consequences? From my experience there are two types of property owners who “flip” stock in the housing market.  Firstly there are the ones who buy off the plan and try to on-sell (flip) the property to someone else prior to the settlement date. The second type are […]

Keeping Records for Tax Purposes

We all know that when it comes to maximising your tax deductions, keeping records is very important. Without them, you leave yourself exposed and vulnerable in the event of an audit by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The ATO relies on individuals to be responsible for assessing which items can be declared and claimed when […]