Property Depreciation Schedules - The New reality

The Secrets of Backdating Your Property’s Depreciation

Property depreciation is one of the largest tax deductions for homeowners in Australia. But did you know that you can backdate your property’s depreciation? Doing so could save you thousands of dollars every year. As an investor, you need to take advantage of all the tax deductions Australia has to offer. Property depreciation deductions allow […]

My Number 1 Tip!

I recently gave a webinar titled “8 Things You Don’t Know About Depreciation”. The feedback was excellent. During the webinar, the most insightful topic I spoke about was on the effective life of depreciable items. (NOTE: Deductions for these plant and equipment items may only apply if you bought the property prior to May 9, […]

Can I DIY my own Depreciation Report?

As an expert in the market I am baffled by the number of companies that offer do-it-yourself depreciation schedules. Not only are there some potential legal issues but, more importantly, you will be missing out on deductions. The Issue with DIY Depreciation The DIY depreciation option generally gives you a tick sheet and asks you […]

8 Tips For Maximising Your Tax Return

To help property investors maximise their tax returns and get their fair share of the tens of billions in tax refunds handed back each year we’ve put together the following tips: Maximising Your Tax Return: The easiest way to maximise your tax refund is to maximise your deductions. As a property investor, know all of […]