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Will investors win by investing in Brisbane pre-the Olympic Games?

With the recent announcement that Brisbane has won the right to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, many property investors may wonder if they will find themselves on the winners’ podium if they buy in this city. Should you rush in and buy, with the idea of capitalising on future growth? The simple answer […]

Will property boom in 2021?

AS WE reach the end of the year it seems Australia’s property market has been heating up, with greater sentiment, activity and price growth. The latest CoreLogic figures show the market continued its recovery in November, with prices rising for the second month in a row. Dwelling values rose by 0.8% over November and 0.4% […]

What is a Depreciation Schedule?

Property depreciation is a legal tax deduction related to the ‘wear and tear’ of an investment property over time. A tax depreciation schedule outlines the deductions you may be entitled to claim each year of ownership on the Building Allowance (the structure itself including bricks, concrete, etc.) and, if eligible, on the Plant and Equipment […]

The CGT Saver Report

    Let me introduce you to our new product, the CGT Saver™ Report – A report specifically created to prevent our clients from paying too much in Capital Gains Tax. Although you can no longer claim depreciation on second-hand Plant & Equipment Items (ovens, dishwashers, etc.), with Washington Brown’s CGT Saver™, you can claim […]

Will the Sydney Property Market Crash?

I can think of many reasons why the Sydney property market is set for a major correction and I can think of many reasons why it won’t. I guarantee you I could find five experts to argue that the Sydney property market won’t crash, and I could find five experts to reason why it will. […]

Buying Off Market Property in Australia

Shhh… Off-Market is the New Black! Recently we re-entered the property market looking to upgrade from our unit in Bondi to a house. We’ve been looking for a house around the Bondi area and I must say I am surprised that and are still in business. You see, everything that looks half interesting […]

Buying an Investment Property?

Where should you buy property in 2016? AFTER a few years of strong growth Australia’s property market appears to be cooling. But this doesn’t mean investors should shy away from buying; in fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s an opportune time to buy due to slower price growth and a record low cash rate, and […]

Calculate It! How Much Can You Save?

When I was on stage giving a seminar about Property Depreciation, I always have a Question & Answer session at the end. In the talk… I discuss our Property Depreciation Calculator and how it helps property investors make informed decisions about the type of rental property they want to buy. Then this guy up the […]

Who is Liable for Depreciation?

So, who is liable for depreciation? We were recently asked by a client “Do you take responsibility for your reports?” and I wanted to share our response regarding who is actually liable for depreciation once the reports have been sent out to the clients. To prepare a Tax Depreciation Report, we require clients to supply […]

The ATO is Wrong & we are going to Prove It!

< Why the ATO is wrong The other night in bed….I was reading an article on the ATO Website (yes I’m a bit weird), titled “Where do you get the construction cost information?”. I was a little shocked when I read the last paragraph that stated “Note: Remember to obtain your construction costs report as […]