Property in Lockdown? - Must Read Inspection Options

How is the commercial property market faring?

AUSTRALIA’S RESIDENTIAL property market is, by all accounts, booming. But can the same be said for the commercial property market? The commercial property market is so large and with so many subsectors that you can’t apply a broad brush when talking about its performance, says Steve Palise, Owner and Buyers’ agent at Palise Property. However, […]

Looking Into The Future of Depreciation

What does the future of depreciation look like? *UPDATE – Read about the Budget changes here*. Often I’m asked by investors who are about to purchase an investment property “what should I look for in order to maximise my future depreciation claim?” People seem surprised when I respond by saying whilst depreciation is an important part […]

The Affects of The RBA’s Latest Cash Rate Decision

Did the RBA’s last cash rate decision for 2016 affect property investors? The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) last cash rate announcement for the year was published. The first Tuesday of every month (except for January), causes a risen stress in property investors lives. All eyes are always on the RBA to see what they’ll do. Will the […]