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How will Donald Trump impact Australian property?

What does Trump’s election victory mean for Aussie real estate? Since the US election, there’s been endless speculation about what the win from Donald Trump will mean for not only the US, but other countries around the globe. Would you believe that the predictions for Australia’s property market range from doom and gloom through to […]

Depreciation on Holiday Homes

Go on holidays and claim depreciation! The ATO has recently announced a crackdown on property investors over-claiming deductions on holiday homes, this includes depreciation. If you’ve been on holidays, it’s very easy to get caught up in the romance of owning your own holiday home. Purchase price, stamp duty and mortgages offset by the rental […]

Overseas Property Depreciation

Fancy a villa in Tuscany, what about a Condo in LA or Loft apartment in New York? I do! But can I claim depreciation on this property… The short answer is yes!  The main difference, however, is in regards to claiming the building allowance – that’s the wear and tear on structural elements of the […]

Should you be Claiming Depreciation on your Overseas Property?

Claiming Depreciation on Overseas property More and more Australians are investing in property overseas due to the Australian dollar being high and some countries’ economies being much weaker than Australia’s and showing a down turn in their property markets. But can you still claim depreciation if your investment property is not in Australia? The answer […]