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How is the commercial property market faring?

AUSTRALIA’S RESIDENTIAL property market is, by all accounts, booming. But can the same be said for the commercial property market? The commercial property market is so large and with so many subsectors that you can’t apply a broad brush when talking about its performance, says Steve Palise, Owner and Buyers’ agent at Palise Property. However, […]

We Help Property Investors Achieve Their Dreams

We help property investors achieve their dreams Over the last couple of years I’ve become a bit of a seminar “junkie”. It used to always be property seminars but the last couple of years it been more business seminars. After 20 years in business, every now and again I need a kick up the bum! […]

I’ve written a Book on Depreciation – and you can have it for FREE!

I’ve written a book on depreciation, called Claim It! However, this goal didn’t just happen over night… Like everything in life, there was a windy path that lead me in to depreciation and then into writing my own book! My goal since I was 23 has always been to educate property investors about the power […]

How to Claim a 4% Building Allowance on Your Investment Property and Get Away With It!

4% Building Allowance Investment property THE BUILDING ALLOWANCE (sometimes referred to as the Capital Works Deduction) is a deduction that enables property investors to offset the hard construction costs of their investment property against their assessable income. Hard construction costs may include items such as concrete, brickwork, common property items that are not plant and […]