Property Depreciation Schedules - The New reality

The Ultimate Guide to Claiming Capital Works

Find out What Capital Works Are and How You Can Claim Them Not all people buy an investment property in Australia and leave it just the way it is. Many invest in improvements, so they can charge more rent to tenants. Buying a property and making improvements to it is one of the best investment […]

13 Ways to Maximise Your Rental Yield

While a property investor’s major goal is likely to be capital growth, they’ll also be looking for solid rental yields to help them hold onto their asset. To achieve the best possible rental return, you’ll need to maximise the appeal of your property to potential tenants. But what do tenants want? Generally they’ll want a […]

Is Housing in Australia Affordable?

Ahhhhhhhh, housing affordability. That old chestnut. It’s a topic that’s been hotly debated a million times over! And will no doubt continue to be for many years to come. The general consensus is that property in Australia is unaffordable. The results of a recent survey seemed to confirm this, with the proportion of adults who […]

Figures at your Fingertips | Depreciation Reports

Nowadays, with all the technology that is readily available the best depreciation reports have the ability to be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet or even to be imported into accounting software packages. Our reports at Washington Brown give you these figures at your fingertips. This means when you receive your depreciation report you can extract […]

Can Depreciation Reports be split?

Can depreciation reports be split? Yes! So, when should you split your depreciation report: If you have purchased a property with a friend or family member, your depreciation schedule should be separated into individual reports that reflect how much you each own of that property. This will not only save you money in terms of […]

Why the Financial Year End Matters

Every one exchanges and settles a property on different days. However, the end of the financial year only occurs once. Your report should calculate exactly how much you can claim for building allowance depreciation, based upon the number of days you have owned the property in that financial year. For instance, if you settled on […]

Should you be Claiming Depreciation on your Overseas Property?

Claiming Depreciation on Overseas property More and more Australians are investing in property overseas due to the Australian dollar being high and some countries’ economies being much weaker than Australia’s and showing a down turn in their property markets. But can you still claim depreciation if your investment property is not in Australia? The answer […]