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Tips & Tricks of the Depreciation Trade

9 Ways to Cut Tax Bills Through Depreciation Firstly, what is property depreciation? Well, just like you claim the wear and tear of your car against your taxable income or the wear and tear of the desk in your office, you can claim the wear and tear of your property against your taxable income. But […]

Calculate It! The Property Depreciation Calculator

Whenever I give a seminar about Property Depreciation, I always have a Question & Answer session at the end In the seminar, I discuss how I created the Property Depreciation Calculator and spoke about how it helps property investors make informed decisions about the type of rental property they want to buy. Then this guy […]

Buying into the Housing Market?

Learning the basics before buying into the housing market One important obstacle to remember with property investment and entering the housing market is that your entry and exit costs are quite high. You have to consider stamp duty, your advertising and marketing costs when you sell, and the capital gains tax. Overall, you make your […]