Property Depreciation Schedules - The New reality

Five Property Negotiation Tactics To Save You Money

Spend Less with the Right Tactics Information goes a long way when you’re buying an investment property in Australia. Without information, you can’t prepare for the negotiations. This is when you sit down with the seller to try and find the right price for your investment property in Australia. However, the information you have isn’t […]

The Secrets to Investing Using an SMSF

You Could Use Your SMSF to Save on Your Tax Bill You can use a SMSF (self-managed superannuation fund) to buy an investment property in Australia. However, this has previously been quite difficult. Many lenders would not allow SMSFs to borrow money, which means they had to fund the full purchase themselves. However, that changed […]

The Ultimate Auction Guide to Getting Lower Prices

You Could Bag a Great Investment Property in Australia at Auction Trying to buy an investment property in Australia at an auction is something of a mixed bag. On one hand, you have the chance to snap up a bargain. A lot of sellers use auctions as their last resort. As a result, they may […]

Property Growth Areas in Sydney and Melbourne

Are there still growth areas in Australia’s two major capitals, Sydney and Melbourne? If so, where can they be found?   Sydney and Melbourne were the star performers of the property market last year. Recording significant growth in dwelling values of more than 11%. In comparison many of the other capitals saw price declines, according […]

How To Buy Under Market Value

WHO doesn’t love a bargain? We all pat ourselves on the back when we purchase something for less than its true worth. Yes, I can see that smile of satisfaction! While it’s easy to pick up a new shirt or pants for half price at the latest sales or find a barely used item on […]

Buying Off Market Property in Australia

Shhh… Off-Market is the New Black! Recently we re-entered the property market looking to upgrade from our unit in Bondi to a house. We’ve been looking for a house around the Bondi area and I must say I am surprised that and are still in business. You see, everything that looks half interesting […]

A Good Look at Property Depreciation Schedules

What is a property depreciation schedule? Property depreciation schedules refer to an accounting process used to calculate the value left in any given property or equipment. These are procedures that any property investor should look into if you seek to maximise the return of your property at the end of each financial year. You’ve may […]