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How to calculate property depreciation

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When I was on stage giving a seminar about Property Depreciation, I always have a Question & Answer session at the end.

In the talk… I discuss our Property Depreciation Calculator and how it helps property investors make informed decisions about the type of rental property they want to buy.

Then this guy up the back puts his hand up the back and says

What’s so special about your Property Depreciation Calculator?

“Well”, I say, “Let me tell you…”

“I’m pretty proud of our property depreciation calculator, it took me 4 years to build and is the only one of its kind. In fact, it’s the only property depreciation calculator that lets you work out the depreciation of a property based upon a proposed purchase price.” Depreciation Calculator

“You see, I believe you can’t really work out the depreciation of a property by entering an area – and, let’s face it, how many of us know the internal unit area of our property. Do we include balconies, garages, common areas etc…You see that’s why I think the other calculators on the market that use an area are flawed.”

I’m pretty excited by now, and I go on…”I’ve got to be honest…when I started creating this property depreciation calculator, well, I had more hair!! It was a long an arduous task.”

“You see, I think no two houses are the same, and that basing the depreciation of a property on it’s area is flawed. So I wanted to create a property depreciation calculator where people could enter a proposed purchase price and easily get a result.”

“Now, in order to do that we needed to come up with a way where the calculator would grab lots of like type properties add them up and average them out.”

“That’s why it took 4 years to build, we needed enough data in the calculator to make it a calculator that property investors could use. And today, I’m proud to say, day in – day out…it’s the most used part of our website.”

“We’ve actually got a patent pending on it…again why I’m proud.”

If you need a depreciation schedule for your investment property – get a quote here or work out how much you can save using our free calculator.

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