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negative gearing solution

(UPDATE: Some changes to negative gearing were made in the 2017 Budget – Read about the Budget changes here).

Now I’m not one to whinge about  a system without a solution…I think the current Negative Gearing model needs some repairs for two reasons.

Reason 1 – The system was not designed so that someone could buy 100 properties, off-set those losses against personal income and never pay tax in the foreseeable future!

Reason 2 – Someone should not be able to buy a $20M house, get a terrible yield of 1-2% on such a large purchase price and offset the difference against personal income.


Solution 1 – Cap negatively geared property to a maximum of 3 properties per person over their investing life.

Solution 2 – Cap an individual property to the median price of an Australian property. (This takes into account the vast range of average prices across the board). So someone could buy a house in Sydney + one more in Brisbane for instance, or perhaps 3 properties in Hobart?

I’m interested in your thoughts so please leave your views below…

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