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How Washington Brown Got Its Name

I often get asked “How did you come up with the name Washington Brown?”

It’s a good question and I wish I could take credit for the name (it’s memorable and has a touch of class about it – don’t you agree)?

Well, meet the Brown in Washington Brown, Mr Antony Brown to be precise.

washington brown

Many, many moons ago, Tony, as he likes to be called, had the option of calling the company Tony Brown & Associates — like every other law or QS firm did back then  Depreciation Quote Schedule– or to think bigger. He chose the latter.

At that time there was a developer down the road, Patrick Yu, who called his company Sterling Estates and had other entities like Winchester Homes.

This is where Tony got the idea and came up with Washington Brown.

Tony is no longer involved in the business – more on that later.

I have thought about changing it to Washington Hyde…but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Don’t you agree?

About Tyron Hyde

Tyron Hyde is a director of quantity surveying firm Washington Brown. He is regarded as one of the industry's leading experts in property tax depreciation, is regularly quoted in the media & asked to speak at conferences. -