Property Depreciation Schedules - The New reality

Expected Turnaround Time

At Washington Brown, we aim to keep the turn-around time from ordering your report to receiving the final copy to less than 7 days for No Inspect properties and less than 14 days for properties we have to inspect.
Our records show that 94% of jobs get completed within these timeframes.

Inspection Required

depreciation schedule turnaround

If an inspection is required, we usually have it booked within the first 3 business days after you have supplied all the Required Information, and then completed within 7 days. Tenant availability is the biggest variable here, occasionally causing a slight delay, although we find that most tenants do allow access at short notice.

Once the property is inspected and we have all the information required from you, your report will likely be completed within 7 business days.

No Inspection Required

depreciation schedule turnaround

The timeline for a ‘No Inspect’ depreciation schedule is a bit more simple. Once you’ve provided all the required information (construction costs, schedule of finishes, plans, etc.), we’ll have your report completed within 7 business days.

About Tyron Hyde

Tyron Hyde is a director of quantity surveying firm Washington Brown. He is regarded as one of the industry's leading experts in property tax depreciation, is regularly quoted in the media & asked to speak at conferences. -