Dilapidation Survey

Dilapidation Survey

A dilapidation survey provides written and photographic evidence of the existing condition of a building at a specific point in time. A Dilapidation Survey is undertaken prior to contruction to identify any existing damage of a structure and surrounding buildings, roads, fences etc.

A dilapidation survey should be undertaken by impartial independent qualified professionals (Washington Brown) who record the condition of the property/structure. Once the report is finalised the dilapidation survey should be signed and counter signed by all parties involved.

Do you need a Dilapidation Survey?

Most councils require a dilapidation survey or dilapidation report as part of the development approval process. A dilapidation survey or report is generally required for all new residential, commercial and industrial construction.

The main benefits of a diliapidation survey are:

  • Ensures that the conditions for the DA approval are satisfied.
  • Reduces the developers/Builders claimed damage risk by adjacent property owners.
  • Records the damage of adjacent property/structure prior to construction works. This reduces the risk of claims against damage and expensive litigation on completion of works.
  • Provides the adjoining neighbours with an independent report identifying issues with their property that they may be unknown by that owner.

Types of Dilapidation Survey Services

Washington Brown provides professional impartial dilapidation advice and reports for all types of properties and structures. Our dilapidation survey service includes:

  • Advising the builder, developer or architect on the extent of the Dilapidation report and which structures should be inspected.
  • Onsite inspection of the building elements in accordance with the client brief.
  • Production of a written and photographic report in chronological order identifying the current building condition with photographs showing any existing damage.
  • Issuing of the report prior to works commencing.
  • A signature section within the report to be signed by all parties involved prior to any works commencing to reduce later claims and thus reduce any risk.
  • Completion inspection as required.

How much does a Dilapidation Survey Cost?

The cost of preparing a Dilapidation Report will vary depending on the type and number of properties/structures, location, size, complexity and the extent of the detail required. We will usually be able to provide you with a fee quotation within the same day as the enquiry.

For more information please contact our Building Consultancy Department on 1300 990 612 or complete the following Information sheet.

Why Washington Brown?

  • We are committed to excellent client service. We will undertake the survey within five working days of Client Instruction and will have the report complete within ten working days.
  • Our Building Consultancy Division has extensive experience in Dilapidation surveys on all property types including commercial, retail, industrial and warehouse properties and are considered experts within the property field.
  • We are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.
  • Established for over 30 years, we have built up an extensive database of knowledge and experience within the construction industry.

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