Dilapidation Survey

Dilapidation Survey

Dilapidation Survey

A dilapidation survey provides written and photographic evidence of the existing condition of a building at a specific point in time. A Dilapidation Survey is undertaken prior to contruction to identify any existing damage of a structure and surrounding buildings, roads, fences etc.

A dilapidation survey should be undertaken by impartial independent qualified professionals (Washington Brown) who record the condition of the property/structure. Once the report is finalised the dilapidation survey should be signed and counter signed by all parties involved.

Do you need a Dilapidation Survey?

Most councils require a dilapidation survey or dilapidation report as part of the development approval process. A dilapidation survey or report is generally required for all new residential, commercial and industrial construction.

The main benefits of a diliapidation survey are:

Types of Dilapidation Survey Services

Washington Brown provides professional impartial dilapidation advice and reports for all types of properties and structures. Our dilapidation survey service includes:

How much does a Dilapidation Survey Cost?

The cost of preparing a Dilapidation Report will vary depending on the type and number of properties/structures, location, size, complexity and the extent of the detail required. We will usually be able to provide you with a fee quotation within the same day as the enquiry.

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